Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On Thursday Josiah brought some piglets from his house to school.
This pig was brown - a gingerbread colour. The piglets were cute.
Darrin liked the white and black piglet. They were sneaky. They kept jumping out of the box.

The piglets squealed and squealed if we were too noisy. We gave them a cuddle to keep them quiet.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Big Day!

 We had a day all about fun yesterday.
We did some activities. One was baking cupcakes with icing and marshmellows or lollies. We did tap dancing with old money taped  to our feet to make them tappy. Some of it fell off. We played golf. It was exciting and it was very very windy and our hats blew off!

We made some whales out of paper and we decorated  glasses to wear. We played touch rugby and candlesticks on the top field. We had netball on the tennis court and we drew some cool cartoons with Mr Hamilton. It was an interesting day and we all felt tired at the end!