Monday, July 23, 2012

Soccer Stars

In PE over the next few weeks Room 3 is learning soccer skills. We are learning to have control over the ball so it doesn't roll away from us. Here is a picture of us stopping the ball by putting our foot on the top. We have been practicing going forwards and backwards as well.

We have had some lovely warm days so we can try out these skills at lunchtime as well. Maybe Mums and Dads could have a go at the weekend or after school!

This week we are looking at lots of fun little poems at reading time and next week we will be choosing one that we would like to learn off by heart to recite in front of our class. Mums and Dads can help us by reading the poems with us and talking about which one we think is funny or which one we like the best. We have a couple more to come home this week so don't decide just yet!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Welcome to Term 3!

Hi everyone! We have all had lovely holidays and we are so fresh and ready to go! It helps that the weather is so warm and sunny and we love getting outside and running around at lunchtime! We have a new fitness time at 12.15 where the whole school gets out together and has lots of physical activity before lunch. Today was the first day and it was lots of fun.

Here is a picture of our class. It has grown since the picture at the start of the year! We have two new faces this term - Madison and Sophie are now big school girls in Room 3.

Here are a few photos from last term where we had some big buddies come from Room 6 and read with us. We have lots of kind senior children at Bradford who look after us in the playground and we like to spend time with them.