Thursday, May 20, 2010

Autumn Art

Mrs O'Donnell has taken some photos of our leaf art on our wall so you could have a look. 

We think the pictures look colourful , creative and cool!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dog Safety

Josiah was practicing patting the dog after a dog safety talk on Friday. 

Mina showed us how to ask the dog's owner for a pat.
Mina asked "May I please pat your dog?"
Libby ( the owner) said "Yes you may."

The dog is sniffing her hand to get to know her.

Kelli is showing us the best way to pat  a dog. Pat it under the chin down the chest.

"Chin and chest is best."

If a dog comes running up to you, stand still like a tree with your arms up by your face.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

In the Autumn Leaves

We went for a hunt around the playground to look at autumn leaves. By Kelli

We saw different coloured leaves - gold, red and orange. By Zoe

The leaves were crispy. By Rebecca

The leaves were crunchy. By Steven

We love leaves. By Annashay

When you touch them they make a noise. By Devin

They were crunchy and silky when we picked them up. By Stefan

They fall on the ground and we scrunch them up. By Arleyah

They are disco coloured leaves! By Libby

The wind blows them onto the ground. By Mina

The leaves are sparkly. By Briah

The leaves are really colourful. By Josiah

When we pick up the leaves they feel soft. By Cairo

The leaves fall side to side. By Kerrianne

We made people with the leaves. By Destiny

I like jumping in the leaves. By Luke