Thursday, February 25, 2010

Discovery with a Dinosaur Twist!

On Friday we had our first Discovery time session. We had people making pancakes, dressing up, working with wood and playing musical instruments. It was very busy!!

We also created some dinosaur worlds using  sand in a box with bits of fern and bushes, rocks and lots of model dinosaurs. We had lots of fun creating volcanoes and places for the dinosaurs to live.

We could also explore pictures of dinosaur skeletons in books and had a go at creating our own dinosaur bones pictures. They look a bit like x-rays.

Discovery time makes Friday our favourite day of the week!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Big Dig

On Tuesday we went digging in the sandpit.
We found some very unusual blue rocks.
They were about the size of our hands.

When we 'cracked' the rocks open we found 
something surprising inside!

Dinosaurs!! We talked about our ideas
and knowledge of dinosaurs and decided
we wanted to find  all  about them.

We will keep you posted with our new discoveries!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Artists at Work

We have painted pictures of ourselves. We talked about the different parts of our faces 
and where we should paint them. We talked about the colour of our eyes and hair and lips and eyebrows.

We framed our portraits and made them colourful  so everyone would notice them.

We have hung them up in our classroom and they look great!!!

Please come and have a look at the rest if you can make it in!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome to Room 3 2010

Here is our class. We have 15 children at the moment but Kelli is a bit sick and will be back soon. Here we all are at school. It is nice and shady under the tree.
"We can play games at school," said Zoe.
" We like playing at school in our exciting playground," said Annashay.
" We can hold on to the tree in our photo," said Libby.
"I like playing tag ," said Josiah.
Aden said, " I like playing in the sandpit."
Mina said, " We like playing games in the classroom."
Rebecca said, "the tree is beautiful."
Arleyah said, " We can play under the trees."
Kaylee said, " The sky is blue and it is a beautiful day."
" I like being at school on a sunny day," said Kerrianne.
" I like school because it is fun at school," said Destiny.
" The branches on our trees are beautiful," said Cairo.
Stefan said, "I like Mrs O'Donnell and Miss Little and Leanne."
Steven said, " I like the yellow slide. It goes down the hill."