Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome back to Room 3 2012!!

Hi everyone! We started back today and we've had a great day. There are 9 of us at the moment and 8 children started today for the first time! Here we are in the playground perched on the balancing blocks.

We have been getting to know each other and the classroom today. The room looked very bare. Most of the walls are empty but we are all excited about making it OUR room and putting OUR stuff up on the walls.

We started today with creating a jigsaw display and we all made our own piece to fit together with everyone else's piece. We all belong to Room 3 and we all bring our own ideas, feelings, and preferences to share. This makes our class interesting and full of variety. Here are some pictures of what we have done.

Here are all our jigsaw pieces on the wall.