Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Special Visitors

Today we had visits from people who have special jobs in our community.

The fire engine came with some firefighters from Roslyn.
They reminded us about how to be firewise.
We need to check our smoke alarm batteries this weekend.

Grace from Room 4 was dressed up as a fire fighter. The jacket was really heavy.

Heather Rei the police officer also came to talk to us about her work and what she does every day. You have to be really fit to be a police officer.  Libby from Room 2 got to wear the special police vest with the radio and lots of things in the pockets.

We think these people are very brave and they help to keep us all safe.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A busy week!

Welcome to Isaac who started school on Tuesday. He loves lego and star wars and got some new lego for his birthday. It's great to have you in Room 3 Isaac!

On Wednesday we had a visit from 2 police officers with their dog - Fonz. They came to talk about how the dog helps them in their job. This is what we found out...

The dogs find people for the police. Charlotte

The dogs use their nose to sniff the people out.  Isaac

One policeman had arm pads to protect his arm from the dog. Josh

On Thursday we had a visit from  Ginny who took us for a PE lesson. We were thinking about how to bounce and pass a ball. It was a lovely sunny day and we had a great session together with Room 2.

Here are some photos.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Andy and Striders Visit to Bradford School

Strider is a zebra and he is soft and cuddly. There were people inside.
Strider came to visit to see us and to tell us about walking to school. He came to encourage us to walk to school. Walking to school can give us energy and  it keeps us healthy. It can wake us up in the mornings.