Monday, June 21, 2010

Colour My World!

We have been thinking about music and how it makes us feel. 
We have listened to some  music  and we drew lines to show how relaxing and calm it was. 

Then we chose colours that matched how we felt. 
We tried to blend the edges where the two colours met.

Have a look at our blended blob shapes.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Responding to Music

We listened to a piece of music called 'Koromiko'. 

It was very gentle and we could hear birds in it. We could hear blocks tapping and guitars and drums. It reminded us of a walk in the forest. 

We painted some pictures using some different brush techniques. We dabbed on blue and green for the background. We used brush strokes for the solid tree trunks. We used little sticks to scratch on the trunks to look like bark. We used coloured wool to make the tree tops look soft and bushy. We added little creatures in pastel. 

We think our pictures look like the music sounded - a calming walk through the forest. Take a look.