Sunday, March 28, 2010


We have been very busy with swimming over the last 2 weeks and have got more this week. We are learning to put our faces into the water, kick with long legs, blow bubbles, float on our fronts and our backs. We are working on using our arms like rainbows to move through the water. We get to have some practice time in the wave pool as well and we love showing off what we can do. It's hard work but we LOVE it!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Trip to the Museum

On Tuesday we went to the Otago Museum.
We went to learn about dinosaurs and their babies.
Here is a picture showing the real life sizes of two dinosaurs - the blue one is a triceratops and the green one is a tyrannosaurus rex.

We could dress up as dinosaurs. Here are two little dinosaurs standing in front of a t-rex skeleton. You can see the different parts - the skull, the ribs, the spine and the leg bones.

This is a baby dinosaur model. You can see right inside the egg. You should go to the museum to see all the cool skeletons and models. We thought it was great!

Here is a report we wrote about a dinosaur.

Tyrannosaurus Rex is a dinosaur. 
It has sharp teeth and sharp claws and big grapefruit eyes and little arms and two strong legs to chase after its prey.  It has very thick skin and a skull. T- Rex has to hunt other dinosaurs to eat meat. He was as big as our classroom. He has a big heavy tail to help him balance.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dinosaurs Everywhere in Room 3

We made dinosaur skeletons. By Zoe
We used pipe cleaners and pottles. By Annashay
We had to have a skull. By Mina
They needed a tail. By Aden.
They needed ribs. By Libby

We made some big dinosaurs. By Arleyah.
We used black paper and white paper to make the skeletons. By Josiah

We had to make the dinosaur's bones. By Kelli

This is where the dinosaurs lived. By Rebecca
Slowly this land moved apart to make lots of new countries.It was called Gondwanaland. By Cairo
There were rocks and volcanoes. By Rebecca
There were lots and lots of forests. By KayLee
There were burning rocks that made huge holes in the ground. The dinosuars could get stuck in mud and  die. By Stefan

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dinosaur Fossils

We had a go at making some dinosaur fossils.
We mixed up some plaster of paris as our 'lava' or 'mud'.
We pushed the plastic dinosaurs into a sand base as if they had died there. Then we poured the 'lava' over them and let it harden. 
Soon we had dinosaur 'remains' in the hard rock. It gave us a bit of an idea how fossils could have been left behind for scientists to study. 

Some of our dinosaurs were pushed into playdough. (We pretended this was soft mud.) They left an imprint. This hardened and then more mud (plaster of paris again, we love that stuff!) flowed into the imprint. Over time this hardened into rock and then we separated the layers to see the dinosaur imprint. It was fun to make our 'fossilised' dinosaurs.