Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poetry Recital Winners

We had our big school wide poetry recital two weeks ago and Mrs O'Donnell has finally put the photos on our blog!

Room 3 practiced really hard for 2-3 weeks and it showed on the day. All our class got up in front of a large audience and recited their poems. We tried hard to speak clearly and look around as well as remembering all the words!!

Three children in Room 3 were awarded special certificates and here they are.

Elijah came third in the Year 1/2 section.
Zaraya came second in the Year 1/2 section.
Tara came first in the Year 1/2 section and she was awarded an amazing trophy.
Well done Room 3 - you can all feel proud of what you have achieved!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Symbols

We have been learning about different olympic symbols and how they are used in the Games. Each sport has its own pictorial or visual symbol. We have created our own using black paper shapes. We placed these shapes carefully to make a person performing an action from that sport. I wonder if you can work out the different sports represented in our symbols below.

Can you see which picture might be ...
archery...rifle shooting....weightlifting ( 2 pictures) ...or taekwondo?

Which one is....

Which picture shows...