Saturday, March 31, 2012

Room 3 Goes to Brockville Kindy

On Thursday we drove up to Brockville Kindy to share some songs, poems and a read a story to the children there. Zaraya and Alex were able to see some of their old friends and teachers.
We sang some of our favourite songs and invited the kindy kids to join in with the actions. They are pretty good movers!

We showed our colourful fish that we had made and recited our fish poem. We used our loud clear voices so everyone could hear.

The children at the kindy had made some yummy scones and chocolate slice for us to eat for morning tea and they had some healthy apple and orange slices as well. We had lots to eat and then we had a quick play with them outside.

We had a great time sharing our learning and we hope to visit another kindy next term.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Warrington Beach Visit

Last Friday the whole school spent the day out at Warrington beach exploring the rock pools. It was a great day - sunny and warm with a bit of a breeze! We started off with Room 4 creating some sand art on the beach.Some people drew pictures with their finger or a shell. Zaraya drew herself and Maka and his Dad started a very cool octopus with seaweed.

After morning tea we headed over to the rock pools. There were some big boulders for us to climb over. We had a good look in the pools and found lots of chiton, shells, crabs, a few seastars, anemones and even a biggish small fish!

We had lunch and a play on the playground. After that we had a scavenger hunt trying to find about 15 different items. Well done to those teams that managed to find everything - it was pretty tricky!

We had an awesome day and we want to go back!!