Monday, November 15, 2010

Sensational Stories!

Here are some more creative stories that have been written this week.

Some of us tried to start our stories in an interesting way. We have used a sound as a beginning.
The Scary Forest by Zoe
Ha,ha,ha went the witch. It was scary. Abracadabra went the witch. She put spells on the trees and the trees turned into frogs!

The Presto Forest by Cairo
Oooooo went the presto (fast) wind. But what do I hear? I hear a ha, ha, ha in her den. Howl, howl, howl!

The Terrifying Forest by Stefan
Ha! Ha! Ha! went the wicked witch. The witch is evil. She puts spells on children.

The Girl By Tigue
The elf is going to turn winter into summer. It will be warm.

Tweet, tweet went the bird. It is the bird's birthday. There is a present for the bird. It is some bird food. By Destiny

The magic is going from the elf. The magic is going to the reindeer and the reindeer are going to fly.
By Mina

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wonderful Writing

We have been writing some creative stories over the last week or two. We have been looking at and creating adventure pictures using a programme called Kidpix and then we have written about them. We have even recorded our voices reading the stories onto the pictures in a slideshow but Mrs O'Donnell has to figure out how we can put that on our blog.

Here are a few of our stories for you to read.
 The lightening is going to change the dragon into a frog. By Steven

The dragon is grabbing the treasure. By Koby

The ballerina is going to get her treasure. The dragon is going to help her get over the bridge. By Briah

Jungle Jim is going to get the poisonous snake with his rope. By Josiah

Jungle Jim is going to get eaten by the snake. He is going to climb up the tree- the biggest tree. By Destiny