Monday, December 6, 2010

Talent Show

On Friday afternoon we had a talent show at school. We had some groups practice and perform from Room 3. Stefan was our 'official' photographer. 

This group of girls sang and danced to a Hannah Montana song. They were very confident and knew all the words.


These children did the actions to the 'Monkey in the Teapot' song. It was great to see some of our newest children get up and have a go.

We had a song from Mina and her guitar with some back up dancers and another energetic dance from KayLee and friends. Arleyah led a group in a song from Justin Bieber.

There is a lot of talent in Room 3!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sensational Stories!

Here are some more creative stories that have been written this week.

Some of us tried to start our stories in an interesting way. We have used a sound as a beginning.
The Scary Forest by Zoe
Ha,ha,ha went the witch. It was scary. Abracadabra went the witch. She put spells on the trees and the trees turned into frogs!

The Presto Forest by Cairo
Oooooo went the presto (fast) wind. But what do I hear? I hear a ha, ha, ha in her den. Howl, howl, howl!

The Terrifying Forest by Stefan
Ha! Ha! Ha! went the wicked witch. The witch is evil. She puts spells on children.

The Girl By Tigue
The elf is going to turn winter into summer. It will be warm.

Tweet, tweet went the bird. It is the bird's birthday. There is a present for the bird. It is some bird food. By Destiny

The magic is going from the elf. The magic is going to the reindeer and the reindeer are going to fly.
By Mina

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wonderful Writing

We have been writing some creative stories over the last week or two. We have been looking at and creating adventure pictures using a programme called Kidpix and then we have written about them. We have even recorded our voices reading the stories onto the pictures in a slideshow but Mrs O'Donnell has to figure out how we can put that on our blog.

Here are a few of our stories for you to read.
 The lightening is going to change the dragon into a frog. By Steven

The dragon is grabbing the treasure. By Koby

The ballerina is going to get her treasure. The dragon is going to help her get over the bridge. By Briah

Jungle Jim is going to get the poisonous snake with his rope. By Josiah

Jungle Jim is going to get eaten by the snake. He is going to climb up the tree- the biggest tree. By Destiny

Thursday, October 28, 2010

We are grateful!

This week we have been thinking about being grateful for the wonderful things we have. Ms Dillon talked about this in our school chat last Monday morning and we wrote about being grateful in our writing time.

Here are some of our ideas...

I am grateful for hedgehogs. I love hedgehogs. By Josh

I am grateful for my nana. By Dylan

I am grateful for my mum. She makes me dinner. By Mina

I am grateful for my movie night. I love movie nights. By Tigue

I am grateful for having my family. I like my family. By Arleyah

I am grateful for my brother because he always comes into my room. I love him. His name is Max. By Libby

I am grateful for my family. I love my family. I really like my 3 cats. By Rebecca

Come into our classroom and you will see all our stories hanging up to remind us to be grateful.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Creating Patterns in Maths

Welcome back to Term 4! Mrs O'Donnell is back in Room 3 and we also have 3 new classmates - Josh, Charlotte and Caitlin.

We have been looking at repeating patterns in our maths time. We need to observe carefully to figure out what the pattern is. A useful trick is to say what we see. Then we try to predict what might come next. See if you can say what the next 3 colours are of these patterns.


These next patterns are a bit trickier - you might have 4 elements to repeat or there could be a colour or shape pattern. 

Leave a comment if you can work some out!

This week we are all trying hard to participate in tidying up time. Sometimes we find one group is putting everything away while another group is having a rest. We don't think it is very fair so we are all thinking of a job we can do to help. It's much quicker and faster when we all work together!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last week of Term 3

We had a busy week in Room 3. Here's a few photos showing some of the things we got up to.

We are absolutely fantastic at Doughnut news now. Once we've been paired up we just get into position and off we go.
This was Wednesday so it was Book News day but since it was the last week we had a few other news items as well.
Thanks for sharing some fabulous books Room 3.

Briah and Cairo are giving us a great example of sharing a book.

Libby is showing a great example of how to respect the speaker by looking at KayLee's book and listening carefully.
Mina and Annashay have their hands on their head to show that they have both finished sharing.

We learned about time during the last 2 weeks. On Wednesday afternoon we built a giant clock on the floor of Room 3 and moved the hands around. We're pretty good at knowing that when the big hand is pointing to 12 that it's 'something o'clock'.

We also did some more drama and role playing in the last week.
We started by pretending to pass things to each other and had to work really hard to make sure we looked at the thing we passed just as though it was really there.

Briah and Annahsay are both watching very carefully.

In these photos we are pretending to be cats. We thought about how cats look and move then used our facial expressions and body movements. In small groups we convinced our audience that we were cats then the audience shared points that they noted about our performance.

Annashay, Rebecca, Arleyah and Tigue prowl around.

Stefan stalks his prey while Destiny and Josiah get ready to pounce.

Cairo creeps up while Steven basks in the sun.

Kelli contentedly cleans her paws.

To finish off the week, Leanne took this photo of us in front of our Rainforest on Friday.

Thanks Room 3. You've been a super duper, fantastic class. I hope you had a great holiday and are looking forward to Term 4. I know Mrs O'Donnell will be very pleased to be back and I will come and visit you soon.

Have fun -
Big hugs from
Mrs B.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Don't cut the rainforest trees down because...

Have you seen the Tadpole Travels video? If not, scroll down and make sure you check it out now before you read the latest blog!!!

Today we went back to the first week of Term 3 and remembered our learning about birds. We put the birds into the correct layers of the rainforest. The harpy eagle, macaw and lorikeet live in the emergent layer. The toucan and quetzal are canopy dwellers.

Then we spent some time recalling the book that started Room 3's Rain forest growing. The Great Kapok Tree. We used drama to help us think about what might happen if people cut down rainforest trees.

We all started by taking on the role of a creature in the rainforest. Then we used a drama technique called Spoken Thoughts. We stayed in role as a rainforest creature and when we were tapped on the shoulder we spoke the thought that was in our head.

Read on to see all the really neat reasons why Room 3 thinks people shouldn't cut down rainforest trees.

Libby the frog says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be no place for my nest."

Josiah the snake says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because I will be angry because there will be no place for me to lay eggs."

Destiny the frog says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be nowhere for my tadpoles."

Kaylee the toucan says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be nowhere for me to eat."

Stefan the quetzal says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be nowhere for my eggs."

Cairo the leopard says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be nowhere for me to get my dinner."

Aden the red eyed tree frog says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be nowhere to get a drink."

Briah the snake says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be nowhere for me to sleep."

Mina the Harpy Eagle says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because the rainforest will turn into a dessert."

Luke the snake says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be nowhere for me to have dinner."

Kerrianne the frog says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because it's my home."

Zoe the butterfly says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be nowhere to fly."

Dylan the frog says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because it's my home."

Rebecca the snake says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because it's my home."

Koby the frog says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be nowhere to jump."

Tigue the snake says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be nowhere to hang my clothes."

Kelli the toucan says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be nowhere for my nest."

Arleyah the toucan says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because I will have nowhere to live."

Annashay the red eyed tree frog says, "Don't cut down rainforest trees because there will be nowhere to do the dishes."

Pretty amazing thoughts eh? We hope that people think really hard about what might happen if all the rainforest trees are cut down.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A story written by Aden

This story was written by Aden at Discovery without any help at all. I asked him if he'd like to publish it on the blog and he said not yet. He added some more and asked me to put it on the blog. So here it is. Without any corrections from me.

Great writing Aden,
Mrs B.

Aden’s 5th Ben10berthdr!wow Aden.room3.grencac.muzc is ther to. Wow Aden I hop you will hava a fun tim ther. By Aden. It will be fun!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tadpole Travels

Last Friday we made TANK BROMELIADS for our rainforest. These are amazing plants that do a very special job in the rainforest. As you can guess from the TANK part of the name, they hold water. They are the ideal place for small creatures that need water. Especially tadpoles. And that's why frogs often go up to the CANOPY level.

Check out this short (and silent) video clip that shows just how a tadpole finds itself a long, long way up a tree!

After the tadpole has emerged from the egg it stays alive in the very wet leaves on the forest floor but it won't live very long down there. The frog (Briah) hops down to the forest floor where it laid the eggs and lets the tadpole wriggle onto it's back. Kerrianne is here to help our tadpole wriggle!!

The frog then hops up the tree and lets the tadpole wriggle into the tiny pool of water in the bromeliad.

(The bromeliad is demonstrated by Libby, Aden, Rebecca, Mina, Dylan and Kaylee all showing the curved leaves and Luke holding the bucket)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New arrivals in the rainforest...

Welcome back to Room 3's Rainforest. The newest arrivals are...

...frogs. Very brightly coloured frogs.

We learned that RED EYED TREE FROGS like to camouflage themselves just like the snakes. They tuck up their red feet & close their eyes. This means the insects they like to eat can't see them coming. And their predators find it hard to spot them too. But... when they get a fright... they flash their red eyes and feet so they surprise their predators and have time to get away. Cool eh?

We also learned that POISON ARROW FROGS are very brightly coloured to let their predators know that they are are poisonous.

live in the UNDERSTORY most of the time. Except... well... sometimes they go to the CANOPY but you'll have to come back next week to find out why!!!

In the meantime, check out these amazing facts and creative stories about our rainforest from some really clever authors.

The butterfly is flying around the big emergent tree.

by Steven

The butterfly and the snake are playing on the emergent tree.

by Arleyah

The emergent tree is humungous. The butterfly and the snake are on the tree.

by Briah

Why is the emergent tree so very big?


Because they are. That’s why.

by Josiah

We are learning about the rainforest. The canopy has leaves like an umbrella.

by Destiny

Butterflies live in the emergent layer. They have beautiful wings.

by Rebecca

It has a trunk and it has big leaves.

by Kaylee

I like the butterflies and the leaves.

by Annashay

I like the tree. It has leaves. I really, really like it. Wow.

by Libby

The emergent tree. It was blue. It was smelly. Cool.

by Zoe

I saw some leaves. It was cool. The end.

by Aden

I saw a big tarantula on the forest floor. It was hairy. Wow.

by Stefan

The frog is on the emergent tree.

by Kelli

The emergent tree is covered with snakes.

by Luke

I like the emergent tree. It is cool.

by Mina

This is a snake.

by Dylan

There are snakes in the rainforest.

by Tigue

The butterflies are flying round the tree.

by Kerrianne

Emergent, canopy, Understory, forest floor. These are the four layers of the rainforest.

by Mykee

The emergent trees stick out so not much rain and sun can get in. The rainforest smells like nature.

by Cairo