Thursday, October 28, 2010

We are grateful!

This week we have been thinking about being grateful for the wonderful things we have. Ms Dillon talked about this in our school chat last Monday morning and we wrote about being grateful in our writing time.

Here are some of our ideas...

I am grateful for hedgehogs. I love hedgehogs. By Josh

I am grateful for my nana. By Dylan

I am grateful for my mum. She makes me dinner. By Mina

I am grateful for my movie night. I love movie nights. By Tigue

I am grateful for having my family. I like my family. By Arleyah

I am grateful for my brother because he always comes into my room. I love him. His name is Max. By Libby

I am grateful for my family. I love my family. I really like my 3 cats. By Rebecca

Come into our classroom and you will see all our stories hanging up to remind us to be grateful.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Creating Patterns in Maths

Welcome back to Term 4! Mrs O'Donnell is back in Room 3 and we also have 3 new classmates - Josh, Charlotte and Caitlin.

We have been looking at repeating patterns in our maths time. We need to observe carefully to figure out what the pattern is. A useful trick is to say what we see. Then we try to predict what might come next. See if you can say what the next 3 colours are of these patterns.


These next patterns are a bit trickier - you might have 4 elements to repeat or there could be a colour or shape pattern. 

Leave a comment if you can work some out!

This week we are all trying hard to participate in tidying up time. Sometimes we find one group is putting everything away while another group is having a rest. We don't think it is very fair so we are all thinking of a job we can do to help. It's much quicker and faster when we all work together!