Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Visit to Kaikorai Kindy

Today we went along to Kaikorai Kindy to show them some of our songs, stories and artwork.
We sang three of our favourite songs and they joined in. They were really good singers and movers!

Here we are doing the actions to our "Reach up high" song. It has lots of funny moves. It always makes us laugh!

Mrs O'Donnell read the story of Greedy Cat getting too fat and getting stuck in his cat door. We showed our cool paintings of Greedy Cat and some of us read our stories about the other places he might get stuck. Ella's Greedy Cat got stuck in the fridge. Harrison's Greedy Cat got stuck under the bed!

At the end of our visit the children at the kindy sang us a lovely song to say thank you. Next time we want to stay a bit longer so we can have a play on their playground because it looked really interesting.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Famous Author Visits Bradford School!!

Today we had another special visitor....a famous writer and singer! It was Craig Smith who wrote the Wonkey Donkey song and book and Wilbee the Bumblebee book. He sang songs and told us about how he came up with his ideas.

Gracie was chosen to fly the butterfly puppet around the room as a roving entertainer!

Summer was chosen to make the kea puppet come alive for his new song. This book will be out in September so look out for it in the shops. At the end a crazy monkey came into the room and helped sing a song...can you guess who it is? Look at the photo below to see who it might be...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Famous Author Visits Bradford School

It was great to have Kyle Mewburn today talking to us about writing lots of stories. He read some really funny books to us that he has written...books like 'Kiss Kiss Yuck Yuck' and 'Seesaw Po'. He has written over 30 books and we have some of them in our school library. Kyle said the most important thing for writing is having lots of ideas in your head. He writes for 7 hours every day and sometimes writes a story over and over again until it is the best it can be.

Look out for Seesaw Po in the shops - it is about a big hippo who wants to play on the playground equipment but he has a few problems! It is very funny with pictures that make you laugh out loud!!

Next week we have another author coming to visit us...this one can sing as well...I wonder who it might be!!