Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Shape Poems about Feathers

We have been thinking about shape poems. 
The words of the poem make the shape of 
what the poem is about.

We have looked at feathers this week and made them fly in the classroom.
We felt them on our skin. We listened to some music as we did this.
We brainstormed lots of words to describe feathers. 
We tried to use some of these interesting words in  our writing  about feathers.
Here are some of our poems about feathers

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All about the Albatross!!

On Wednesday Alison and Leon from the Albatross Colony at Taiaroa Heads came to talk to us about the albatross.

We got to feel how heavy an albatross egg was and see how big it was. This isn't a real one - just a model!

Here we can see how big the chicks grow. There is an egg, a 2 week old chick and a 5 week old chick on the ground. The white bird on Leon's lap is 4 months old and is heavier than the adult black and white bird!!

The wings of an adult albatross are really long . Can you see them in this photo?

We stretched out 2 children on the floor and the albatross was bigger than them!

We found out that albatross eat squid. Sometimes they see plastic floating in the sea and think that it is a squid and they eat it. This is very bad for the albatross. We can help by making sure our rubbish goes in the bin and doesn't get washed down the drains when it rains.