Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wonderful Writers

When we do our writing we listen to the sounds and write the letters. Ella is tooling a word and showing how many sounds she can hear on her left hand. 

Jacob has used his bubble plan to write about spiders. Have a look at the bubble plans below and read some of our stories. The bubbles around the outside each hold one idea about the topic. We can tick each bubble once we have written about that idea. We read a poem about spiders and then last week we read some books about different kinds of spiders. We hope you like our writing.

Spiders By Tara
Wasps eat spiders. Spiders live under ground. Spiders have 8 legs.

(Tara is writing about a tunnel spider)

Spiders By Alex
Spiders have 8 legs. Spiders live under ground. A bigger spider is an enemy.

Spiders By Jacob
Spiders have 8 legs. A bird is an enemy. They live on fences.

Spiders By Gabbie
The big spiders eat little spiders. Some spiders live in the water.

Spiders By Ella
The birds are enemies of spiders.  They kill spiders. Spiders live in the ground.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Awhina Art

This week we have Ange Spears - the artist who painted the awesome mural on the library - here at school helping us to create our own class mural. It is based around our value of awhina - helping and supporting others.

On Monday we talked about what this means and how we can show it. We planned out our ideas by drawing pictures on paper. Today we painted our ideas onto wooden shapes which will be fitted together like a big jigsaw.

Here are a few snaps to give you a hint  of what you will see when it is all finished.

Summer has drawn her design onto her painted board. 
We used bright colours to paint our design.

You can see how the bright colours really stand out from each other. 
As we finished painting our part of the mural Ange placed them around the centre piece. We think our mural is going to look amazing. Ask us about how our pictures show awhina - helping and supporting others.

Monday, October 15, 2012

An arty start to the term!

Welcome back everyone! It's great to see everyone back at school healthy and rearing to go. Lots of us are looking very handsome with new summer haircuts as well!

We are starting the term with a resident artist - Andrew is here for the week working with every class each day. He is teaching us about working with clay and we are all busy creating a tile for display in the school.

Andrew is showing us how to transfer our design onto the clay slab

We drew our design on paper in class and then etched it into the soft clay. We had to look carefully at our design and think about how big it was.

We used sausage rolls of clay to on top of some of our lines to make them stand out.

Andrew showed us how to 'glue' on the clay rolls with slip. Slip is a wet mix of clay and water. Then we had to press the rolls on firmly so it will stay on.

We hope to show you some more photos of the art we create during the term. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A big week in Room 3!

Hi everyone! We have had a busy week with athletics activities in PE with Ms Clark and then again with Ginny from Sport Otago and our cultural expo afternoon on Friday. Here are a few photos to show you some highlights.

This is where we were throwing for distance. There was a giant tape measure on the ground.

These balls with handles were a bit heavy. We had to swing back and then let go on the forward swing.

Everyone loved the rocket throw! It is like throwing a javelin in the Olympics.

On Friday afternoon we held our cultural expo.
Room 4 started of by sharing their learning about Japan.
They were a very colourful group.
Here we are wearing our fabulous ta'ovalas and singing our welcome song in Tongan.

The girls started in the front and then halfway through the boys came in the front.

Gracie was the leader and called out the numbers to 10 in Tongan for us to echo.
She used a really loud voice so everyone could hear.

After the sharing time in Room 3 the other classes shared their learning at stations in Room 4 and outside.

The older children talked to everyone who came by and told them about the country they had studied.

If you answered a question from the children you got a sticker on your passport and when you got three stickers you could go into the food room.

In Room 5 there was lots of different food from all round the world. It was so so yummy!
We all had a wonderful time!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poetry Recital Winners

We had our big school wide poetry recital two weeks ago and Mrs O'Donnell has finally put the photos on our blog!

Room 3 practiced really hard for 2-3 weeks and it showed on the day. All our class got up in front of a large audience and recited their poems. We tried hard to speak clearly and look around as well as remembering all the words!!

Three children in Room 3 were awarded special certificates and here they are.

Elijah came third in the Year 1/2 section.
Zaraya came second in the Year 1/2 section.
Tara came first in the Year 1/2 section and she was awarded an amazing trophy.
Well done Room 3 - you can all feel proud of what you have achieved!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Symbols

We have been learning about different olympic symbols and how they are used in the Games. Each sport has its own pictorial or visual symbol. We have created our own using black paper shapes. We placed these shapes carefully to make a person performing an action from that sport. I wonder if you can work out the different sports represented in our symbols below.

Can you see which picture might be ...
archery...rifle shooting....weightlifting ( 2 pictures) ...or taekwondo?

Which one is....


Which picture shows...


Monday, July 23, 2012

Soccer Stars

In PE over the next few weeks Room 3 is learning soccer skills. We are learning to have control over the ball so it doesn't roll away from us. Here is a picture of us stopping the ball by putting our foot on the top. We have been practicing going forwards and backwards as well.

We have had some lovely warm days so we can try out these skills at lunchtime as well. Maybe Mums and Dads could have a go at the weekend or after school!

This week we are looking at lots of fun little poems at reading time and next week we will be choosing one that we would like to learn off by heart to recite in front of our class. Mums and Dads can help us by reading the poems with us and talking about which one we think is funny or which one we like the best. We have a couple more to come home this week so don't decide just yet!!