Sunday, September 23, 2012

A big week in Room 3!

Hi everyone! We have had a busy week with athletics activities in PE with Ms Clark and then again with Ginny from Sport Otago and our cultural expo afternoon on Friday. Here are a few photos to show you some highlights.

This is where we were throwing for distance. There was a giant tape measure on the ground.

These balls with handles were a bit heavy. We had to swing back and then let go on the forward swing.

Everyone loved the rocket throw! It is like throwing a javelin in the Olympics.

On Friday afternoon we held our cultural expo.
Room 4 started of by sharing their learning about Japan.
They were a very colourful group.
Here we are wearing our fabulous ta'ovalas and singing our welcome song in Tongan.

The girls started in the front and then halfway through the boys came in the front.

Gracie was the leader and called out the numbers to 10 in Tongan for us to echo.
She used a really loud voice so everyone could hear.

After the sharing time in Room 3 the other classes shared their learning at stations in Room 4 and outside.

The older children talked to everyone who came by and told them about the country they had studied.

If you answered a question from the children you got a sticker on your passport and when you got three stickers you could go into the food room.

In Room 5 there was lots of different food from all round the world. It was so so yummy!
We all had a wonderful time!


Robyn MacKay said...

What great fun you've been having, Room 3, first learning to throw, and then learning about lots of different cultures. And thank you for sharing your learning with us at the Cultural Expo, we really enjoyed the displays and yummy food to try!

Anonymous said...

Kia Ora Room 3,
Your athletics practice really showed on our Bradford Athletics Day ...what a fun day we all had!
It was great to learn about the different cultures that we have here at school and other cultures from around the world at our cultural learning expo. We all enjoyed your performance! Maybe you could teach us your song and actions at school singing this term?
Mrs M.B.