Monday, October 15, 2012

An arty start to the term!

Welcome back everyone! It's great to see everyone back at school healthy and rearing to go. Lots of us are looking very handsome with new summer haircuts as well!

We are starting the term with a resident artist - Andrew is here for the week working with every class each day. He is teaching us about working with clay and we are all busy creating a tile for display in the school.

Andrew is showing us how to transfer our design onto the clay slab

We drew our design on paper in class and then etched it into the soft clay. We had to look carefully at our design and think about how big it was.

We used sausage rolls of clay to on top of some of our lines to make them stand out.

Andrew showed us how to 'glue' on the clay rolls with slip. Slip is a wet mix of clay and water. Then we had to press the rolls on firmly so it will stay on.

We hope to show you some more photos of the art we create during the term. 


Anonymous said...

Wow Room 3! You are going to be experts in creating with clay. I can't wait to see your tiles. It looks like you are really enjoying working with Drew and are concentrating carefully on your clay technique.
Mrs M.B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 3...
I just had to say how we can tell you put so much effort into your tiles! They look amazing. Well done.
Julie Fern