Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wonderful Writers

When we do our writing we listen to the sounds and write the letters. Ella is tooling a word and showing how many sounds she can hear on her left hand. 

Jacob has used his bubble plan to write about spiders. Have a look at the bubble plans below and read some of our stories. The bubbles around the outside each hold one idea about the topic. We can tick each bubble once we have written about that idea. We read a poem about spiders and then last week we read some books about different kinds of spiders. We hope you like our writing.

Spiders By Tara
Wasps eat spiders. Spiders live under ground. Spiders have 8 legs.

(Tara is writing about a tunnel spider)

Spiders By Alex
Spiders have 8 legs. Spiders live under ground. A bigger spider is an enemy.

Spiders By Jacob
Spiders have 8 legs. A bird is an enemy. They live on fences.

Spiders By Gabbie
The big spiders eat little spiders. Some spiders live in the water.

Spiders By Ella
The birds are enemies of spiders.  They kill spiders. Spiders live in the ground.


Robyn MacKay said...

Hi Room 3,
It is great seeing you writing and learning about spiders, they are fascinating and build such wonderful webs! I think your bubble plans look a bit like a spider's web too!
Robyn MacKay

Anonymous said...

Wow Room3! You guys really are expert writers. It's great to see you using your tools and the bubble plans are a fabulous way to think of the ideas that will go into your writing.
Mrs M.B. :-)